About Foma

FOMA Bohemia Ltd. is a producer of photographic materials with a long tradition. Founded in March 1995 through the privatization of the National Enterprise, FOMA has become a part of a group of companies called the BOCHIME Group.

The company's origin dates back to 1921 when a company named FOTOCHEMA Ltd. was founded. Its products were delivered with the brand name FOMA. At first only photographic plates and processing chemicals were produced. Then, in the 1930's, FOTOCHEMA Ltd. began production of black-and-white papers, followed by the production of black and white roll films a year later.

In 1949, under the name National Enterprise FOTOCHEMA, the range of products was extended to include X-ray films, black and white positive copy film, reversal film, color paper, color negative film and color reversal film.

After 1990, essential changes were made and the production of black and white, light sensitive materials became the dominant production program of the company. In September of 1997, FOMA received a certificate of compliance with ISO 9001 quality management standards. Since then, all activities of FOMA comply with the international standard ISO 9001.

The high flexibility of FOMA, and their willingness to meet the unique order requirements of customers result in continuously increasing exports. FOMA materials are now exported to nearly 50 countries, such as Germany, Russia, Lativia, Ukraine, Italy, UK, USA, Spain, France, India and Venezuela.

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